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Stoolie Review Of Dave Portnoy & Josh Richards’ New Barstool Podcast BFFs

Usually everything Dave Portnoy touches turns to absolute gold. Well this time for my rankings it’s the Jacks Pizza of Podcasts .08. This is just not my thing and doesn’t really do it for me. I consume al of of Barstool content, especially Dave’s but this is just bad.

He’s talking to this 18 year old Tik Tok kid about teenage kid shit. It just plays weird, and I get that he’s trying to get a new demo but I don’t think this landed. Telling stories about a video with kids fighting it’s just a reach to stay cool. I’m sure Josh’s content is cool for kids but for the core barstool core 21-45 it’s just fucking boring. I could give a fuck about Tik Tok followers but can’t hate the hustle.

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