Stone Cold Locks of Week 3: Detroit the easiest Money Line win of the year!!!p

If you have been reading my blogs (slowly getting more readers would appreciate the goddamn share button) anyways you’ll know that my college picks are usually right on. Well this week, I call it opposite week, I had bad beats all over the board in college. A famous man once said “Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor”. No it wasn’t, and just like America bounces back so do I and I’m betting beyond my means to get back to greatness. So here are my locks this week

1. The New York Jets +22 @ the Patriots

2. The Miami Dolphins +23.5 @ Dallas

Yeah that’s right my first two picks are the underdogs in the biggest spreads since the 90’s scab games and I love them. Too many points for pro teams not to cover, they get paid to play out in the open not like college under the table.

3. Baltimore +6 @ Kansas City

4. New York football Giants +4 @ Tampa

5. Pittsburgh +6 @ San Francisco

6. Rams -2.5 @ Cleveland

7. Washington +5 vs Chicago

8. Detroit +7 @ Philly

This are it my free tips, I have never seen an NFL board so clear. Trust me take em all of em, esp hammer the Lions!!!

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