SteveWillDoIt Being Held In Abu Dhabi! “Passport is slightly damaged” Although Everything Reads Fine – @SteveWillDoIt @NelkBoys @BobMenery @DanaWhite

Nothing like not even making it to the event and getting shut down.

SteveWillDoIt, Nelk Boys, and Bob Menery are on the way to the UFC fights. Guess what’s happening? Something that doesn’t shock anyone. Including Dana White.

Everyone online has been worried about what Nelks behavior will be like while they’re in another Country. Especially one so strict.

Well they haven’t even made it there and they’re having trouble. Steve is being held in Abu Dhabi.

The Nelk Boys have reached out to Dana White who gave them the passes and hooked them up to get there for help.

Hopefully Steve wasn’t acting up too much before hand and they’re doing this on purpose.

Much love to the boys. Not as much to Menery though.

Update: Steve Has Been Allowed In! Dana White (Uncle Dana) Got It Squared Away! — My Statement About Menery Still Stands

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