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Steve Weatherford’s (Former Giants Punter) 12 Year Old Son Loves Being A Virgin | @Weatherford5

Written by Tony

Yes, you read that title correctly. Before I go into any blog, I like to give some background on the subject matter at hand, I think that is only fair. As a real journalist this is important so you can paint a full picture on the psychopath you are profiling of the circumstances and let the reader decide how fucking weird this is.

Steve Weatherford had a 9 year career in the NFL in which he notably won a Super Bowl with the Giants, and spent over half of his playing days in East Rutherford, NJ New York City. Becoming famous for being the most shredded punter in NFL history after this photo went viral:

Since his playing days, Weatherford had a brief stint on local radio in New York trying out different things until moving his family out to San Diego and hocking fake fitness pills full time better than a gas station register could ever dream to do! Oh, silly me, I forgot to mention he also has a “30 Day Metabolic Reset” program that he sells to scam people into just eating healthy and working out for 30 days and claiming that he found the secret to success for an outrageous fee.

Listen, all of that stuff is fine, because you’ve got to make money from brain dead meatheads in any way possible to sustain the 6 children that you sired. It is called providing for your family, and it is very respectable. Like every sitting US President since 2001 sending young countrymen to the Middle East, Steve absolutely refuses to pull out. Nothing wrong with any of it, and if you hate condoms/birth control like Addison Mitchell McConnell hates a tight solid jawline, who am I to judge you?

Recently, Weatherford has been a prominent member of the (cult-like) Awaken Church of San Diego, screaming it out on every Instagram post like Mark Jackson on a California street corner (iconic photo below).

Watch Mark Jackson Preach On An LA Street Corner – UPROXX

All of that is well and fine, it is a free country and if Tom Cruise is allowed to be who he is, then how can I rip on ole’ Stevie juice head? However, what I will comment on, is that if you are open to putting your family out there, you are open to criticism on it. It is patently bizarre to buy your son (of any age, but let alone fucking 12) a shirt that says “Virginity Rocks“. Moreover, encouraging him to pose for a photo in it that you put out to 355k followers on a public platform like you are some righteous godsend is absolutely looney tunes. If you don’t see the issue with all of that, and you stick up for that way of parenting in any way, you have lost it yourself.

So strange to cram this type of shit down your young son’s throat when he would do anything to make his father happy. What an absolute loser move by Steve, pushing some type of weird indoctrinated theory that sexuality is a colossal sin. Let your son be normal and play video games, and stop making him your echo chamber and walking billboard for your lunacy. Whether it be political of any type, religious, or radical sentiment on either side, pushing it on your kid and making him do this is fucking awful. I genuinely 100% feel sorry for Weatherford’s son, and this has pretty much nothing to do with him. Sucks that he has to be put out there like this to push his father’s weird agenda.

On the bright side though, that sweatshirt will be absolute fire for when that kid is in his mid-twenties walking around Brooklyn late night post orgy high on his favorite edible to rebel against his loser father. Poor kid.

If you want to push your agenda on your young child, or wear it ironically in an Alabama U sorority mixer, you could get it here!

P.S. If you think I wouldn’t say any of this to his face, you’d be absolutely right. Not because of what you think, in that he would rip my arms from my body, but because he has been openly outspoken on COVID being a hoax and masks being bullshit, so I wouldn’t want to catch it from that moron.

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