Steve Cohen just blasted the Mets on Twitter

Written by Noah Gagnon

I’m sorry, what? Ever since buying the Mets, Steve Cohen has been actively tweeting about the team, doing things like asking about stadium concessions, hyping up free agent acquisitions, and celebrating wins, but amidst the Mets slump, Cohen has turned against them online. Check out his latest tweet.

So basically the owner of the team is tweeting ‘why the fuck can’t these bums get a hit?’ And honestly, he’s not wrong. The team hasn’t cleared 5 runs in nearly a week, and they’ve dropped 5 straight games, but still, the owner said that!

Imagine being a struggling hitter on a struggling team, only to go on Twitter and see that the OWNER OF THE TEAM completely took a shit on you. I guess this is what happens when a guy who’s won at literally everything he’s ever done involves himself with the New York Mets. The inevitable incompetence of this garbage franchise just eats away at you so you just have a burning desire to light the team up on Twitter.

I imagine as we speak Steve Cohen is marching into the Mets locker room with his balls out and a flame thrower in hand, and he’s gonna torch every last dork in that locker room until somebody laces a gapper in the game.

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