Stephen A. Smith thinks Jalen Reagor is still on the Eagles

Written by Tony Ghaul

Stephen A. Smith, who is a commentator on ESPN’s First Take, commented that he says the Eagles will win the NFC East and cited about WR’s A.J. Brown, DeVonta Smith, and then said that Reagor has got something to prove this year. He said those three along with Goedert, gives Jalen Hurts weapons.

I guess that nobody told Stephen A. that the Eagles traded Jalen Reagor to Minnesota last week. Even, if Reagor was still a member of the team, he would have been no better that the 5th WR. I agree with Stephen A., that the Eagles are winning the NFC East this year.

I like Stephen A. He is the best person on the show, but he messed that one up.

Photo courtsey of Dawg Post

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