Steph Curry When Asked By ESPN What The Warriors Gameplan Was Tonight: “Whoop that Trick.”

Written by Tyler Walerius

RIP to the Memphis Grizzlies. Today ESPN’s Kendra Andrews joined ESPN’s NBA Today show and said that she asked Steph Curry what the Warriors game plan for tonight’s game 5 against the Memphis Grizzlies was. His response: “Whoop that trick, that is our game plan.” DAMNNN

This is a hilarious response. The Warriors are up 3-1 and can clinch the series tonight and advance to the Western Conference Finals, but this has been an intense fucking series. These teams clearly don’t like each other. Ja Morant is expected to miss the remainder of the playoffs, which most likely is just one more game, due to a bone bruise in his knee and the Warriors are out for blood.

The bad blood between these two teams started in game two when Grizzlies guard Dillon Brooks tried to decapitate Gary Payton II and ended up causing GPII to fracture his elbow and miss the remainder of the playoffs. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said after the game that Brooks “broke the code” and the series has since been hard fought and physical (as much as the soft NBA allows)

The Warriors are -4 tonight against the Grizzlies but that doesn’t matter. The Warriors might just shit kick this Grizzlies team by 30 tonight.

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