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Steph Curry Cheating Scandal Shown Here; Golden State Warriors To Trade James Wiseman?

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For those of us who like to professional athletes as role models, you hate to see it when they are exposed to be cheaters. It doesn’t matter how old you get, you hate to say professional athletes being thrust into the spotlight as a cheater. It’s just never something you want to see.

Steph Curry is arguably the best player in the NBA right now. The guy plays hard year, always shows up in the playoffs, and may be one of the greatest shooters of all time.

Unfortunately, he is a cheater.

Much like LeBron James, Curry is known to break the rules on the court by traveling. Unfortunately, either the referees just do not see it or simply do not call the foul. They are likely just as guilty as Curry is. Just last month, Curry was witnessed doing some excessive traveling without being called on it. Take a look at the video below showing Curry’s excessive travel, thus proving he cheats!

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In other NBA news, the topic of James Wiseman being traded from the Golden State Warriors has become a hot issue. According to the Warriors General Manager Bob Myers, Golden State has no intention of trading Wiseman. Check out his comments below:

“We don’t want to trade James Wiseman. I think he’s a tremendous talent,” Myers said. “I think he can be very helpful for us in the future and in the present. We plan on him being on the team.”

While it is easy to just take Myers at face value, he also said something similar about on D’Angelo Russell. And we all know how that turned out for Russell.

Will Wiseman be traded? It’s hard to tell. But I would take anything Bob Myers says with a grain of salt.


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