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Stefon Diggs Makes Quick Exit After Bills Playoff Loss

Buffalo Bills WR Stefon Diggs was reportedly seen clearing all his stuff and tried to make his way out of the locker room while some of the Bills staffers were still on their way in. Had it not been for one of his teammates stopping him, he would’ve been out there even sooner, via The Athletic’s Joe Buscaglia:

“Bills WR Stefon Diggs darted out of the locker room with all his stuff before some of the Bills coaches were even down to the tunnel area. Practice squad RB Duke Johnson stopped Diggs before he left the stadium and brought him back to the locker room. He left a few minutes later.”

The Buffalo Bills were defeated at home by the Cincinnati Bengals 27-10 in a season in which they were hyped as the Super Bowl favorite.

Diggs also lit into Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen late in the game on the sideline. Diggs caught four passes for 35 yards on a game-high 10 targets, but only two of them occurred in the fourth quarter.

Diggs did reportedly stay for head coach Sean McDermott’s season-ending speech but that was likely the full extent of his postgame involvement. He has already forced his way out of what he felt was a frustrating situation with the Minnesota Vikings.

Diggs signed a four-year, $96 million extension with the team on April 6.

Bills WR Stefon Diggs. Photo courtsey of The New York Post

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