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Stefon Diggs Is Flossing ALL OVER The Dolphins Today | @stefondiggs

Written by Tony

In a picture caught by CBS, they panned to the sidelines and you could see Stefon Diggs flossing in the middle of his off time from torching the Dolphin’s secondary. Unbelievable display and commitment for all of the dental community, and this is the type of good press flossing has been waiting years on.

Let’s call a spade a spade, not a single person likes flossing, and frankly you only do it after corn or the hour before your dentist. Bleeding more than a fourteen year-old girl disappointing her father as a Lil Huddy lookalike takes away her shine for the first time, flossing is just one of those things that seem implausible to expect on a regular basis.

Now, his form comes into extreme question, but the efficiency can not. Tackling two sets of teeth at the same time! What a visionary. Not traditional, but he is getting the job done, and that is what is important. What a year for Stefon, what a year.

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