Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin said that WR George Pickens’ frustration and displeasure is a “non-issue,” as per triblive com.

“I know it’s a cute story for you guys, but it is a pebble in my shoe in terms of the things I have to do to get this group ready to play this week,” Tomlin said at his weekly news conference. “Our focus is on the Green Bay Packers. … It’s like reality television the way you guys follow social media and write stories about it.”

Pickens was angry after being held to two catches for minus-1 yard in the Steelers 20-16 victory against the Tennessee Titans.

Pickens acted like a malcontent and removed all references to the Steelers organization on his Instagram account. He posted an Instagram story that included the words “free me.” 

This is immature behavior, but it doesn’t seem to faze Tomlin. Tomlin has been a Head Coach for a long time and has dealt with malcontent players before. He has had to deal with his share of diva receivers too.

The Steelers are 5-3 on the season and are in the tough highly competitive AFC North division. They have the same record as the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals. All of three teams trail the division leading Baltimore Ravens, who sit at 7-2.

Pickens has now restored his Instagram account to its original settings and has deleted the “free me” message.

Steelers WR George Pickens and HC Mike Tomlin. Photo courtesy of bvmsports.com


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