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Steelers Get a “Steel” in Mitch

Pittsburgh gets their guy, and Mitch finds a new home. With a team friendly deal, two years for 14 million and incentives up to 27 million, I see this as a huge win for both sides. Mitch gets a chance to show Matt Nagy sucks, and we get reminded Big Ben sucked last year when this offense looks competent. 

The Steelers have good skill players for Mitch to succeed. Diontae Dropson, Chase Play-too-much-Pool, and Najee Carries. Mitch brings a playmaking ability to this offense that Big Ben hasn’t been able to display in five years. 

I hope the Steelers and offensive coordinator Matt Canada let Mitch play to his strong suits. Those being moving the pocket and hitting receivers on the run, play action passes once they get the run game going (if they can get it going) and then actually letting him run the football. 

I am purposely ignoring the Steelers offensive line issues. Surely they will address that if they want to be successful right? With the core already put in place for the Steelers, Mitch playing good football could put them in the position for the black and yellow to be the bad bois of the AFC West.

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