Stay Wary Of The Mac Jones To The Niners Rumors Because It’s Most Likely Just BS

Ever since the 49ers traded up to the third overall pick in next months draft, there has been a lot of rumors that they are going to draft Mac Jones, the signal caller from Alabama.

Daniel Jeremiah is one of the few people who’s draft takes that I actually respect, but if you’ve followed the NFL Draft as long as I have then you know that teams will purposely put out fake smoke signals to make other teams think that they’re gonna draft someone and make them freak out and trade up. ‘TV Analysts’ will talk about how similar Mac is to Matt Ryan and how he can learn the offense quickly, but if I’m Kyle ‘Shanny’ with his run first offense, it’d be a a huge mistake to not draft a mobile quarterback. It seems as though the Jets are locked in on Zach Wilson at No. 2 which leaves Fields, Jones, and Trey Lance as the remaining options at that spot. Fields ran a 4.44 on his pro day today and just imagine him running RPO’s in that offense with all of the plays that ‘Shanny’ dials up for the RB’s. It’d be a nightmare. The recent hate on Fields these past few months have been completely blown out of proportion and are honestly ridiculous. People like dopey ass ‘Matt’ Miller who think they’re legit ‘sports analysts’ will nitpick everything they can. People who actually know the sport remember that Fields actually beat Trevor Lawrence for the Elite 11 MVP out of high school. In the end, my point is that teams will put out fake rumors to make other teams trade up for someone and that Justin Fields should not slide behind pick #3. Best Regards.

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