Tigers blow a game…….. again. What should’ve been a great day at the ballpark for Tigers fans turned into a nightmare. Heading into the 6th inning the Tigers were demolishing the Angels 10-2 when yet again the bullpen blows it. Having a team bullpen ERA of 4.75 is unacceptable in this day and age of baseball. The game has gone to more of an emphasis on bullpens the last 10 years and the Tigers have yet to have a good one. How can a team be so incompetent at building a piece of the team year after year? If the Tigers are serious about competing in the immediate future they need to heavily invest in their bullpen this offseason. Ownership and the GM Al Avila has been making excuse about spending the last couple years but seem to be open to spending this offseason and they better be. When your outlook is worse than that of the Detroit Lions then there is an issue with your organizational philosophy.

There are some things to like about what Manger AJ Hinch has done this year and he could very well get some Manager of the Year votes but winning starts at the top and it’s time for the brass to prioritize winning instead of the bottom line. They desperately need some bats that can anchor the lineup plus snagging some top relievers to secure victories. This is a great free-agent class to start spending money to improve your team as you can see with the free-agent tracker at https://www.spotrac.com/mlb/free-agents/

Chris Illitch needs to act like his late father and unlock the checkbook for the first time as the owner of the Detroit Tigers and bring baseball back to Motown. The fans are loyal to a fault but when they smell BS they will call you out on it and they smell it right now with the Tigers. If the team is serious payroll needs to be around 160 million next season to at least show they’re trying to win for the first time since 2014.


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