Another week in the books for NFL teams and there were a lot of eventful things that happened yesterday around football but today we are focusing on the NFC North.

Green Bay Packers

The Packers improved to 2-1 on a last-second field goal by kicker Mason Crosby to give them the win 30-28. The Packers controlled that game for the majority of it but let the 49ers come back in the 4th quarter where Jimmy G gave the 49ers the lead with seconds left in the 4th and then Aaron bleeping Rodgers was that man again. Leading his team down the field to get them into field goal range where Crosby sailed it through the uprights.

This was a really good win for the Packers and a win they needed for a little confidence boost as they got embarrassed in week 1 against the Saints and beat up a Detroit team that could have the worst roster in all of football in week 2. A really good win on the road in which they finally got Davante Adams going for the first time this year which is crucial for their overall success.

Minessota Vikings

The Vikings have not looked like the Vikings of years past with their defense struggling so far this year. There are things to like with their pass rush but they haven’t had good DB play all year. Well, they showed up yesterday against the Seahawks coming away with a 30-17 victory and the defense was a big part of that win. Holding the Seahawks to 17 points is a big accomplishment with the Seahawks having two studs at WR and a really good RB in Chris Carson to pair with a top 5 QB in Russel Wilson. This is a game that Zimmer and that defense needs to build off of if they want a shot against the Packers for the division title later on in the year.

The Vikings offense has looked tremendous so far this year and Adam Theilen has been dominant as the number 2 to start this season. Justin Jefferson got going yesterday as well and if they can count on those 2 guys being elite as WR1 and WR2 defenses all around the league are on notice, as the Vikings didn’t have star RB Dalvin Cook yesterday either. A 3 headed monster in Jefferson, Theilen, and Cook is a dream scenario and all they need is for Kirk not to make mistakes and the Vikings could be in the hunt for the NFC North come the end of the season.

Chicago Bears

Wow! Where to begin on this? First and foremost Matt Nagy is a deadman walking and should/will be out of a job after this season. His game plan was absolutely pathetic and almost got rookie QB and hopeful franchise QB Justin Fields killed yesterday. Fields was sacked 9 TIMES and only completed 6 passes all game. What a nightmare that was for Bears fans to watch. Nagy got a pass on Mitch Trubisky but he’s not getting a pass on Fields looking like this. He better do a complete 180 or he’s gone for sure and so is GM Ryan Pace.

Now saying all of this they have a great matchup to do the 180 as they have Detroit coming to town. This is a game where the Bears should flourish in all aspects of the offense but if Nagy has a game plan like that again he might not last as Head Coach for the remainder of the year.

Detroit Lions

What a heartbreaker and yet another way that the league has screwed Detroit on a call. First off, of course, Justin Tucker was going to make that because it was against Detroit. Second, the Lions played their best game as a whole for the first time in years and Dan Campbell and his staff deserve all the credit in the world for that. This team is 0-3 now and for a team that many knew (HC Dan Campbell and GM Brad Holmes included) wasn’t going to be good this hurts even more. The Ravens being a top team in the league pairing that with them knocking off the Chiefs in week 2 and to lose to an NFL record 66-yard field goal that had to bounce perfectly is a dagger to the heart and morale of the Lions.

The league did miss another penalty in the favor of Detroit and it just adds to the list of “apologies” the league has sent to Detroit after they have gotten the raw end of the deal.

The North is where many expected it to be standing wise but if Minnesota’s defense improves weekly they have a real shot to knockoff the Packers and make Aaron Rodgers miss the playoffs in what possibly could be his last year in Green Bay.


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