The NFL preseason is not about the starters it’s about cutting down to a 53 man roster. Your bonified starters should not be on the field outside of practice during the month of August there’s literally no reason. Playing your starters is just a case of more risk than reward. I’ve seen it happen to my own team, remember when Jordy Nelson tore his ACL in the preseason? That was the last time I ever had an early fantasy draft. Now that there are 17 regular season games we really shouldn’t be seeing any starters because the long season got longer. Everybody needs to be like Rams coach Sean McVay who says his starters won’t see any preseason action. I know that may be frustrating to some fans but just wait a few more weeks and your boys will be out on the field for meaningful football. Now without the starters some may ask why do we even need a preseason?

Like I alluded to earlier, it’s about cut downs, depth charts, and position battles. The preseason is for rookies, guys on the bubble, and men trying to make the team. Hall of fame running back Terrell Davis made his mark during a preseason game playing special teams, that got him noticed and he worked his way into the starting lineup. Stories like that make me enjoy the preseason for what it is, professional tryouts. These players get an opportunity to get film out to 31 other teams if they don’t make the one they’re currently on. Each snap is important to somebody who we may not see on Sundays to start but at any minute they could hit the field and become a star. So as for the starters, just relax, enjoy practice, and gear up for the real deal in the coming weeks.


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