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Start Your Weekend Off Right With Some Of The Best Pictures Of Princess Helayna | @PrincessHelayna

Written by TrevStone

Helayna Marie who goes by Princess Helayna online is absolutely blowing up on the OnlyFans platform and the reasoning behind it is because of her amazing looks and her hard work. If you follow her on social media or OF you’ll know that Helayna has worked her ass off to get to where she is on the platform.

Right now she is approaching 1M followers on Twitter. Crazy, right? 1,000,000! It proves that what she is doing is working. And working very well.

Check out some of these images of her:

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Here are five things you probably didn’t know about her:

#1 Animal Lover

One thing people don’t usually know about Helayna is that she owns 24 animals!! Yes, 24! She has 2 dogs, 7 snakes, 4 smooth sided toads, 4 Vietnamese mossy frogs, 6 poison dart frogs, and 1 Malaysian horn frog .. as you can see she is a huge animal lover!

#2 Traveler

The second thing people don’t usually know about her is she is basically always traveling or on a road trip. But she has never left the country! However she hope’s to visit Italy once quarantine is over!

#3 Likes Clothes??

A third thing people don’t usually know about her is she does in fact like wearing clothes, LOL! She wears a lot of dresses and skirts and like to show off her outfits on her Instagram @ PrincessHelayna occasionally!

#4 Nympho

A fourth thing people probably don’t know about her is she’s a huge nympho. But she’s actually quite shy and submissive in bed when it comes to certain things she thought that would be surprising to some people!

#5 Obsessed With Pretty Women

Finally a fifth thing people don’t know about her is she is obsessed with looking at pretty women. “I gain soooo much inspiration from women and pretty much only follow women on my social media because of this some of my faves are @illicit69kitty, @nomixxxoxo, and @e.cheree!”

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