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STARDOM’s “Cat Fight” Controversy

Written by Shannon Walsh

Footage was released today of STARDOM’s Giulia and Tam Nakano taking part in a swimsuit photo shoot. Giulia walked up from behind and started shoving Nakano. They ended up getting into slap fest and brawl. It came across as something from the WWF’s “Attitude Era”.

So far the majority of fans commenting on the video were offended by it. A few said they know it’s a bullying angle but others might not be aware of it. They compared to the staged reality show that Hana Kimura was on which caused enough negative backlash against her to commit suicide. Other fans thought the setting of them fighting in swimsuits was tacky and tasteless.

Giulia has been taunting and teasing Nakano on Twitter the last couple of weeks in the role of a pro wrestling heel to lead up to this. The two will be in the mini tournament on 7/17/20 for the vacant Wonder of STARDOM Title. Giulia faces Konami, and Nakano takes on Natsuko Tora. The winners of each match will meet in the finals on 7/26.

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Inspired by the late Michigan insider hotline host “Coach” Kurt Schneider and his “just the facts” style of reporting pro wrestling news and results from around the world.