Stafford On The Decision To Leave Detroit: “It was probably the hardest decision of my life.”

Written by Will

Oh boy, this was emotional for any Lions fan. It was the last time Matthew Stafford walked around Ford Field as a Lion with his family. During the interviews, Stafford talked about all the good times, such as the playoff-clinching win in 2011 against the Chargers. He also talked about some bad times, like the hail mary Packers game.

Stafford even touches on that he wanted nothing more than to bring a Lombardi trophy to Detroit. Stafford then gets into the trade with the Rams. Talking about how much credit you have to give to both teams for making the trade happen. Plus, that he has all respect for the Ford Family.

Stafford continues to go on and talk about the trade. Saying his conversation to leave Detroit was “probably the hardest conversation of my life.” Shows you how much Stafford loved the city and team but he knew it was time to move on. Makes sense, this where Stafford made his family. All of Stafford’s adult life is Detroit. Still wild that he is leaving but nice to know he will miss us Lions fans, as much as we will miss him. Still, it is a damn shame this team could never help Stafford.

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