St Louis Newscaster And Radio Host MELTS DOWN During Commercial Break

Written by Tony Ghaul

While hosting a radio show last week, Fox 2 news anchor Vic Faust unleashed an off-air tirade of foul language, sexist remarks and personal insults directed at a female colleague. Faust used profanity at least 40 times in a roughly four-minute rant that berated co-host Crystal Cooper for, among other things, her weight and her parenting skills.“Well, it is,” Faust said, when told the audio clip was profane. He said there was “background” to the story but declined to comment further. The spark for Faust’s harangue seems to have occurred in the closing minutes of Tuesday’s radio show, which can be viewed on YouTube as a podcast. The station now has taken down its Facebook posting of the show. The video shows Faust and Cooper engaging in an uncomfortable exchange after Faust had become irked by Cooper’s criticism of his computer skills, something that had come up on a previous show. The confrontation quickly escalated off-air. Faust begins using foul language and tells Cooper several times to “shut the (expletive) up” and “shut your (expletive) mouth.”He calls her “fat,” “stupid” and “nasty,” and repeatedly refers to her by using a curse word most commonly directed at women. Then at one point, Faust says “you’re nothing” and “you’re trash.”When talking of her broadcasting skills, Faust says, “You’re a (expletive) mom, you don’t even know the topics we’re talking about. You’re just stupid.”

Crystal Cooper was at the receiving end of the cruel tirade. Photo courtsey of New York Post

He has now lost his radio show on Viper, which is understandable. You can go around calling your coworkers names and berating them. He is a crude ignorant bully. I am glad that he is no longer employed. He should never get a job in broadcasting again.

Missouri radio host Vic Faust was fired from his television job after he went on an off-air tirade against his radio co-host. Photo courtsey of the St. Louis Dispatch

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