St. Louis Crybabies

Written by Nick30muench

I’m so tired of players and reporters who get so butt hurt after they get shot down. The St. Louis Cardinals fans were very much shit talking the Reds when the Reds were swept by the Cardinals earlier in the year.

The Reds just recently swept the Cardinals (in St. Louis) and Joey Votto said this:

A Cardinals reporter then tweeted this:

“Faded Reds Slugger”…. Really? So if Pujols says anything that means we get to call him, “Faded Cardinals Slugger?” What a bad take about a Hall of Famer.

What is it with the mentality that you can say something to me when you win, but I can’t say something back when we win. What a childish way to think about the game.

Go join Javy Baez and go cry in the corner when someone says something bad about you.

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