Sports betting is generally popular, but it’s an exciting fact that Famous sports athletes also enjoy the reward of passion even though they are some of the wealthiest people in the world. Gambling habits still exist among the rich. Sports gambling and other casino games are popular among celebrity athletes and stars.

People have various beliefs about gambling. One could call them myths of gambling, some of which include that wealthy players don’t gamble, but it’s good to know that everyone gambles, and most of the time, celebrities gamble even more.

Wayne Rooney

Who better starts this list than the former Manchester United player who loves sports betting? Rooney was renowned for staking over 500,000 pounds in just two hours among the famous athletes. He wagered about 4,000 pounds minutely. Since he earned a £13 million Salary, gambling is sure a way to double up. Rooney has won big from betting, but it was learned on social media that it negatively affected his marriage. His love for betting is widely known, and the ability to choose a trusted online casino has always been at a high level. Rooney can be compared to the pro-golfer John Daly, who wagered about 60 million dollars. Wayne has a good net worth of $170 million.

Alex Rodriguez

Former baseball star for the Seattle Mariners, New York Yankees and Texas Rangers, he played as a shortstop and third baseman, he won the world series in 2009 for the New York Yankees. The 14-time all-star and 3-time American League MVP is one of the most loved baseball players of all time. Of all the major league players, he is one of the most controversial characters, known for his love for sports bets, high stake poker games. This gambling habit has led him to some of his big wins. Although he has had his loss, that’s only ideal. You win some, and you lose some.

Floyd Mayweather Jr

Floyd is undeniably rich; for four years, he topped Forbes’s list of highest-paid sportsmen. He is a retired American professional Boxer who owns a boxing company; during his time, he acquired fifteen major titles and is one of the most productive pay-per-view attractions in any sport. Like all the sportsmen on this list, Mayweather is also a gambler, and he regularly posts his wager slips on social platforms with vast sums of money wagered.

He is a regular at casinos in Vegas, and allegedly, at the Super Bowl XLVIII, he placed bets worth $13 million. Some of these sportsmen gamble on different sports on different platforms. Some prefer the best trusted online casino like the Zodiac casino Canada to ensure that their privacy is kept in line, and others prefer to go to Las Vegas to have fun and go extravagant, and Floyd is one of them.

Michael Jordan

Former basketball player Jordan has executed some of the most astonishing feats in sports. He took the game to a whole new level and can easily be the best basketball player ever. He also had a short Minor League outfielder career. His sobriquet was “his royal Airness. ” Jordan is also into gambling. Allegedly he stakes hundreds of thousands of dollars every night; this star loves to gamble. In 1993, Jordan saw Gambling in Atlantic City the night before the playoff game against the Knicks; allegedly, he has had big wins in and out of the casino.

In 36 hours, Michael went on a betting-spree that nearly lost him and a companion $1million; this delayed his return to the sport, but there was a bit of a gain from the wager. Some of these stories found their way out after The Last Dance aired in 2020. Richard Esquinas wrote in his book that Michael owed him $1.15million from golfing wagers; although MJ denied the claim, it was settled that the debt was about £300000. He was cleared of all actus reus after an investigation was made. Numerous stories have emerged, stories of wins and losses, most of which cannot be exactly validated and proven.

Charles Barkley

Former NBA sensation Charles Barkley, presently an Analysis or TNT, is one of the 50 greatest players in basketball history. He was an 11-time NBA all-star. In fact, in 1993, he was the MVP. He has played for the Philadelphia 76ers, Houston Rockets and the Phoenix Suns. As a United States’ dream team member, he swept two Olympic gold medals in 1992 and 1996. He was popular in Vegas casinos; when he played high-stakes table games and betted money on other games, gambling in sports was one of his favourites. He allegedly made $70,000, a huge sum of money, over a weekend in Vegas through a combination of Super Bowl and blackjack in many casinos.


Sports and Gambling have worked hand in hand. In many casinos, some themed-games feature sportsmen, some of these slots include football, tennis and so on, and even sportsmen enjoy these slots.

This list contains the most extravagant and casino-loving sportsmen who have spent vast sums of cash to satisfy their gambling-related needs; most of these sportsmen do not gamble due to poverty, but rather it is for the thrill.

We have seen how it can have some adverse effects if not undertaken responsibly. Through wagers, some have scored big and have continued to enjoy the benefits it provides. These sportsmen have proven that the wealthy gamble more than everyone, splurging their fame and opulence through high-stakes and risky bets in casinos.


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