Sport Betting Odds vs. Traditional Casino Games Odds

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The advent of internet technology took the UK gambling industry by storm, revolutionising it from its core and significantly changing the gambling culture.

Popular UK sportsbooks are leveraging this internet technology by introducing online betting platforms, while casinos have introduced UK online casino to be very exciting.

However, one thing that has withstood change over the decades is the nature of sports betting odds and the odds in popular traditional casino games.

But wait, is there a difference between the odds systems in sports betting and online casino games in the UK? Absolutely!

This article will highlight significant differences between the sports betting and traditional casino games odds systems in the UK. Read on to find out more!

What’s the difference between sports betting and traditional casino games?

Both sports betting and casino games are games of chance and carry a significant risk as they involve wagering money or assets on uncertain future events.

Sports betting involves predicting a specific outcome of a particular sporting event. These outcomes are known as betting lines and are assigned odds by different sportsbooks.

Bookies and casinos determine the odds value by weighing the likelihood of a particular event happening. The greater the chances of an event happening, the lower the odds.

Punters wager their money on these odds. If their prediction is correct, their investment multiplies by the value of the odds on their predictions.

Casino odds vary depending on the game at hand. However, like sports betting, casino odds refer to the probability that a specific event will happen.

Let’s have a look at casino odds for top casino games in the UK;

Odds systems in popular casino games in the UK

Casino games are more complex than sports betting as they have many rules and involve both luck and player experience.

It is, therefore, necessary to familiarize yourself with casino odds before you settle on your favorite casino games. Here is a detailed description of odds in top casino games;

Baccarat casino odds in the UK

Baccarat is one of the most famous traditional casino games amongst experienced gamblers. This is no surprise as the game offers attractive odds and a chance to make a fortune.

Punto banco is the most common baccarat game in the UK and has a simple gameplay and odd system. The game has three different betting options per hand; banker, player, and tie. Beginners are advised to wager on the banker despite the 5% commission charged on the bet.

These bets carry the following odds;

  • Banker bet: 1:1 odds, a house edge of 1.06%, and a 5% commission fee.
  • Player bet: 1:1 odds plus a house edge of 1.24% and zero commission fee.
  • Tie bets: 8:1 odd with a house edge of 14.36%

A house edge is a profit that the casino gets from each wager. For example, if you wager £100 on a player bet, the casino will earn £1.24.

Blackjack casino odds in the UK

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Blackjack odds require careful study and specialization as there are more than a dozen blackjack styles in the UK online casinos. Luckily, most of the rules overlap with minor differences between these styles.

It is wise to familiarise yourself with different blackjack rules. For instance, the house advantage increases when there are more decks in the shoe.

Also there are situations where you are required to surrender, or the dealer is supposed to stand or hit.Players must be familiar with these terms.

Typical blackjack odds pay 1:1, but you may find some casinos that pay 3:2 or even 6:5 for insurance bets. Of course, your odds fluctuate depending on your decisions during the game; hence beginners should develop a strategy before approaching the game.

Craps casino odds in the UK

Craps gives you as many betting options as there are odds. For this reason, the odds may look complicated for beginners, with some getting turned off by the complex table layout. However, you will get to master the gimmicks of playing craps with time.

Here is a quick look at popular payouts and house edges on craps;

  • Pass Line or Come pays 1 to 1 with a 1.41% house edge
  • Place a bet on 6 or 8 pays 7 to 6 with a 1.52% house edge
  • Odds against 5 or 9 pay 2 to 3 with no house edge
  • Pass Line or Come pays 1 to 1 with a 1.41% house edge

Roulette casino odds in the UK

Roulette is a casino favorite for many UK casino players. UK online casinos use the European-style roulette wheel with 37 different outcomes. In this case, each number of the wheel has an odd of 2.70% or 1/37.

However, the house edge (casino’s profit) in roulette is 2.70%, meaning that you can get a payout of 36 to 1 and not 37 to 1 as expected.

The US roulette version has an extra slot for 00 value, raising the odds to 5.26% compared to the 2.70% European roulette wheel. Roulette odds are straightforward, but you may want to take some time and check out expected payouts from different betting options.

Odd systems in popular sports betting lines

UK online sportsbooks offer three odds styles for their customers. These are American/Moneyline, decimal, and fraction odds styles.

American/Moneyline odds

The American odds style expresses odds in terms of (-/+). For instance, if you are wagering on an English Premier League match between Norwich City FC and Liverpool FC, the odds may be presented in such a manner;

A minus before the odds figure means that the team is the favorite. The odds figure represent your expected returns in a £100 wager; in this case, your return will be £145.

On the other hand, a plus means that the team is the least favorite, and the odds figure is directly factored into your bet amount. In this case, a stake amount of £100 will earn you £230 in payouts.

Decimal odds

Decimal odds are the most common and are directly multiplied by your stake amount to yield the expected payout.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds are also an alternative to decimal odds in the UK sports betting market. The numerator represents the profit expected from the stake represented by the denominator on the odds value. For example, if the odds of Norwich City beating Liverpool FC are 8/1, and you stake £1, your expected profits will be £8, and a total payout will be £9.

Parting shot

Traditional casino games have numerous styles hence a wide range of odds, which new players must acquaint themselves with. But, on the other hand, sports betting odds are straightforward and easy to grasp. Checkout more betting and gambling insights from our news trusted site.

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