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SPOILER ALERT: Floyd Mayweather Will Retire Logan Paul From Boxing! @loganpaul @floydmayweather @mayweatherpromo @impaulsiveshows

Written by Chris Powers

Unlike many people out there, I like Logan Paul. I really do. I admire the hell out of him and his brother Jake for literally making something out of nothing and growing their brand into an absolute empire. Not only that, but Logan Paull is tough as nails. He literally fears nobody. He evolved himself from a teenage Youtuber to an amateur boxer.

But folks, this Floyd Mayweather he is going up against on June 6th. Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of all time.

Here are a few spoilers that will happen on June 6th.

I am predicting that this PPV will do more buys than Mayweather & McGregor for 2017. Both Paul and Mayweather, given their abilities to promote, will make this a “must see” PPV. It is going to attract viewers from all backgrounds, whether it boxing, UFC, social media influencers and their fans alike, you name it. This will be one of the if not THE biggest boxing PPV of all time.

Floyd Mayweather will toy with Paul in the ring so as not to end it so quickly. He will want to give the fans who paid for the fight their moneys worth. And not that Logan Paul isn’t already swimming in cash, but after this fight he will never need to step in the ring again. Why? Because you can’t get any bigger than Floyd Mayweather.

Simply put, Floyd Mayweather will retire Logan Paul from boxing. That’s all there is to it.

More than the fight alone, I look forward to the promotion of the fight over the next few months. Nobody can promote a big fight like Floyd Mayweather, except for maybe Logan Paul. I fully expect to see Floyd on Impaulsive with with one of the Paul brothers conducting an interview. You know that both Paul brothers not afraid to talk shit either. They will be running their mouths chirping to the masses about that Logan is going to KO Mayweather.

If somehow, and I mean by some crazy banana peel slip incident happens, and Logan Paul is able to knock out Floyd Mayweather, either way, he will be done in the ring after this fight. Because if he does get lucky enough to KO Mayweather, the smart thing to do would be to immediately retire from the ring because you cannot eclipse that moment.

One way or another, we will see Logan Paul’s very last fight will be on June 6th. Win or lose, kudos to him for having balls of steel by volunteers to step into the ring with Mayweather.

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