Dylan Postl is going to make Jeremy “Dynamite” Smith his bitch at Rough N’ Rowdy 14.

Oftentimes before big fights, you will find tons of reporters, analysts and celebrities making predictions on who will win.

There is no need for a prediction here. This is a spoiler alert. Dylan Postl will win, and he will win decisively. Because whether he currently holds the official title or not, Dylan Postl is the Baddest Mother Fuckin Midget around. And at Rough N’ Rowdy 14, Postl will be victorious over Dynamite and take home the title.

I don’t know how “Dynamite” Jeremy Smith is. But if Smith is “Dynamite” than Postl is the “Atomic Bomb.” Dylan Postl survived in the “Land of Giants” that is WWE and he genuinely put fear in men three times his size. Just ask former WWE Superstar and Fox News Broadcaster Tyrus, formerly known as Brodus Clay.

According to Brodus Clay, Hornswoggle was a big bully to him in WWE and he stated that “He’s a verbal assassin… he picks, he judges and is just an evil guy”. Apparently, Hornswoggle even attacked Clay once and in another incident, Hornswoggle left The Miz stranded at a gas station when he was given the wheels of a car.

If Postl shows no fear to these men that are larger than life, why in the blue hell would a man of his own stature be any threat?


Order Rough N’ Rowdy 14 on April 23rd and watch Jeremy “Dynamite” Smith become Dylan Postl’s personal bitch.


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