Spirit Airlines Kicks Off 4-Year-Old Nonverbal Autistic Boy for Not Wearing Mask

In a story by Bobby Burack of, a four-year-old nonverbal autistic boy, Carter Kimball, and his father were kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight in Las Vegas last Monday due to the boy not wearing mask even with a doctors note in hand.

When Carter’s father handed the note and told the employees about his condition, they believed that his son did not have autism and was faking it.

Down below is Callie Kimball, Carter’s mother, explaining the whole situation to Jade Jackson of KTHV 11 of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Luckily after being forced out of the flight by Spirit and having to pay $1,000 to catch another flight home, American Airlines took the note and did not question the father about his son’s condition.

As a man who has high-functioning autism and can’t stand or tolerate to wear masks for a long period of time, I am very angry and disappointed by how these certain airlines are taking no exceptions towards people like Carter and myself with our conditions. Also with Spirit Airlines making assumptions that Carter DID NOT have autism, should make them stoop lower on everyone’s flying scale.

Even the fact that Burack stated the airline did not issue an apology or refund to the Kimball family is unacceptable.

This right here is one of the main reasons I choose not to fly or travel during the COVID-19 pandemic because of all the rules and restrictions they have put out.

Some airlines, like Spirit, have lost my business for a time being, and I will choose not to fly with them unless they change their rules and policies involving masks immediately.

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