Spencer Dinwiddie has the weirdest contract ever

Written by Noah Gagnon

A report from ESPN’s Bobby Marks was released today detailing Spencer Dinwiddie’s contract, and its honestly one of the weirdest contracts I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a dumb guy, so me not understanding an intricate NBA contract doesn’t say much, but I’m confused nonetheless. Look at the details.

$1 dollar to win a title! This is why everyone should LOVE Spencer Dinwiddie. That contract is the epitome of love of the game, man. Most guys would put million-dollar incentives to win a title, but for Spenny, winning the title is enough to satisfy him, he doesn’t even need the bread. It’s either that or he knows that Washington has no chance of winning a title, so he put his incentives in places besides an NBA title. And if that’s the case, you gotta love the self-awareness, right?

Honestly though, looking at this contract makes me so disappointed that the guy left Brooklyn. He’s got dollar incentives in his contract! We couldn’t have afforded that? Well, yeah, we probably couldn’t have. Spencer’s a businessman, and he knows Brooklyn’s a lock for the title this year. He probably asked Brooklyn for like a 300 million dollar bonus when we win the title, and there’s just no room for that in the salary cap.

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