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#SpeakingOut: A Running List of Recent Allegations

I’d like to preface with: PSE supports any and all victims coming forward with their story, no matter how serious the allegations are. The courage that it takes for a victim to come forward is enormous and we need to get these people out of wrestling as soon as possible, assuming all of them are true. As a person, I am proud of each woman who has come forward since the allegations.

Yesterday, David Starr, the man who supposed to unionize wrestling, was outed by an ex girlfriend he emotionally abused and raped. He admitted to gaslighting and “grey rape” after claiming he wasn’t a sexual predator and would fix the emotional abusive behavior. Let’s be clear: it is either consensual or it is not consensual, and he stuck his pen in the ink when it was not consensual. There is no grey area, that is appalling and he should be locked up.

This has led to a plethora of women stepping forward with heartbreaking experiences from some of the top talent across the UK wrestling scene, including a current champion in WWE, a current member of the AEW roster, a number of NXT UK superstars, among others. From this moment forward, until the end of the piece where I put an authors, I will NOT be running commentary on these allegations, but instead allowing you, the reader, to digest each case by case with no swayed bias.

Former NXT Tag Team Champion Pete Dunne had the following to say:

Here, Impact’s Sienna nails it spot on the head:

Indy Wrestling Star Candy Cartwright Comes Forward – Matt Riddle Assaulted Me


Onto the allegations: For NXT, current Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin has allegedly physically assaulted Hannah Francesca.

Promoter of Ironfist Jake Gittens tried to have a relationship with underage worker Millie McKenzie.

NXT UK superstar Travis Banks, while he hasn’t physically assaulted anybody, has been emotionally abusive to Millie:

Unfortunately, Travis Banks isn’t the only emotionally abusive wrestler on the scene, as AEWs Jimmy Havoc also has received allegations of emotional trauma:

Another AEW superstar, although unspecified and likely not Havoc because Havoc isn’t married, is implicated by Ariela Nyx for sexual harassment:

Hollie Barlow was sexually exploited by Xander Cooper:

Allegations on former PROGRESS star Jack Sexsmith:

Sierra also goes into detail on NXT UK star Joe Coffey:

Pro Wrestling EVE’s Debbie Keitel shares her story:

Natalie Sykes on NXT UK’s Ligero:


Per research from NSVRC: 63% of Sexual Assault cases aren’t reported to the police. The fact there won’t be a police report on most, if not, all of these is not a way to determine whether it’s true or false, especially with statute of limitations on crimes and how difficult it is for a victim to come out. While we shouldn’t certainly just exile everybody with a claim against them, we should be aware that these situations do come up as they do in every business and do our best to rid our business of the predators within it that are dangerous. Not every claim is going to be substantiated, and I would much rather leave it to the reader to formulate their own opinion based on the information given above. It is not my right to give commentary on this and it is not my place to doubt any story without knowing exactly what happened, especially since that’ll encourage victims in the future to stay in the closet, and in turn enable this kind of sickening behavior. We need every victim to feel comfortable coming out. I’m simply keeping a running tab on all of these disgusting accusations coming out, heartbroken for the experiences of everybody involved to say the least. The state of British Wrestling is not a good spot, but let’s hope the future can be better without predators in it. I am proud of every woman with the courage to come forward at this time.

Current SmackDown Tag Team Champion Big E has given his input:

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