South Paul’s VS Top G Tate

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One of the biggest questions in the social media realm is Andrew Tate going to fight Jake or Logan Paul? These 3 have made a name for themselves on social media as the Paul brothers are former Youtube sensations and Vine stars. Andrew Tate has recently come into fame from his videos on Youtue and Tik Tok. The Paul brothers got themselves into hot water from one of their videos in Japan. The Brothers filmed themselves in the Suicide Forest where they found a dead body rumors. Andrew Tate has come into fire for his sexist and misogynistic remarks on his videos. The three stars have found the,selves in some beef online. Tate has bet Jake Paul $3 million dollars if he can beat him inside the ring.

For the ones that don’t know Andrew Tate is a former 4 time International Kickboxing Champion. Tate won his first title after he won 17 out of 19 fights. Tate gained popularity from getting kicked off the 17th season of BIg Brother, after a video game out of Tate beating a woman with a belt. Tate has publicly said that is was consensual. Tate also has made a fortune off his kickboxing career, webcam business and his new school on getting rich “Hustlers University”. Andrew also has a brother named Tristan, it would be fun to see him get into the shit talking and the beef.

Jake Paul recently was on his brothers podcast in which his brother Logan Paul asked for his permission to beat the shit out of Tate. Jake told his brother 100% and went on to say if Tate doesn’t beat his brother; that Jake would pummel him. Now these are just rumors and smack talk between social media influencer’s, but i would love to see Tate take on both Paul brothers. I wouldn’t mind seeing Logan pummel Tate, but would be pretty happy to watch Tate take Jake down a notch or two. Whether its one or two fights, this beef is going to be fun and humorous to follow.

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