Source: Aaron Rodgers Unlikely To Opt Out Of Playing 2021 Season

Hey, Aaron Rodgers is back in the news!

I mean, not really…but it’s the off-season for the National Football League. Thus, every tiny thing is turned into a BIG thing so that sports networks and talk shows have material to cover day in and day out. That’s just how it works. The 24/7 news cycle in 2021 never stops, even if it actually does. That brings us back to Aaron Rodgers. Nothing has really changed since April. Heck, one could argue nothing has changed since January or even LAST APRIL!

Here is a video I made from April:

It goes back further! From January…

Again, we have not REALLY learned anything new in all these months. It is just a bunch of random tidbits that may or may not be relevant. For instance, Thursday afternoon, Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk decided to let us know that Aaron Rodgers is UNLIKELY to opt out of playing in the NFL 2021-2022 season due to Covid health concerns. You see, players have until July 2nd to inform their organization if they’re opting out or not. If you have major health issues or Covid related whatever, you can opt out and still collect some of your dolla dolla bills.

In Rodgers’ case, he does not have any major high risk health risk/concern, and he did not sit out last year for any similar reason. Thus, sorry, no dice. If Rodgers is sitting out for the season, it is because he is being stubborn and straight up refuses to suit up for the Green Bay Packers again. Therefore, no contract, no playing, no money due. That would NOT qualify as a ‘Covid Opt Out’ to receive partial salary. For Rodgers, that would be over $30 million. A lot of money thrown away to “make a point” and remain steadfast in his decision, you have to admit…

Again, nobody really expected Rodgers to try this ploy anyways, so it is kind of a moot point by Mike Florio. Still, we need crap to talk about. For what it’s worth, I live in Wisconsin. Every day at work I try to get some kind of poll or response on if the Packers will actually trade their star quarterback or not, most seem to think NO! Does that actually mean anything relevant? Obviously not…but the Florio story doesn’t either, so there you go!

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