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Soulja Boy Wants To Fight Kanye West For Being Left Off Of Donda

I’ve been sick today so I haven’t been on Twitter too much, then I hop on for a little bit and I see Soulja Boy is pissed at Kanye. Now I fuck with Kanye heavy and I liked Donda but Soulja Boy is dummy tough I don’t care what anyone says. Listening to the verse that shoulda been on the album, I really think Kanye is trippen and Soulja got reason to be mad. Like shit I’m sick and this verse got me lit right now like Soulja Boy can put some fucking heat out, and his name gon bring attention regardless if people like Soulja or not.

Soulja is tweakin on Kanye on Twitter and I honestly love it, he’s making valid points Kanye is weird for acting like he liked the verse and still texting Soulja phone. Like Soulja is a grown ass man don’t lie to him like he’s a lil boy he can take it. I would love to see Soulja vs Kanye in any kind of fight but we know Kanye isn’t ever gonna do that. Kanye a fat stocky mf now but Soulja has the reach and I know he has better hands than Kanye. Calling Kanye out for being bipolar is the truest shit I mean that shit is bad with Kanye he really need some help with that shit not even being funny. Kanye fucking with Soulja and Drake, I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens to Kanye that’s all im saying. I say all this too and I fw Kanye but I fw Soulja more.

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