For the past month or so, a Twitter feud has formed between former WWE Champion and first ballot Hall of Famer Randy Orton and rapper Soulja Boy. The famous rapper or more or less said that WWE nowadays has gotten boring. Randy Orton did not take too kindly to this.

Needless to say, Orton did not take too kindly to Soulja Boy calling what Orton does for a living as fake. The Twitter feud did not stop there. Orton continued on by posting on Twitter a comment about the NO DQ match that cohorts Sheamus and Drew McIntyre had on Monday Night RAW.

Soulja Boy, not one to be silenced, responded with the following.

Soulja Boy then made things a bit more personal by taking a shot at Orton’s wealth compared to his.

Then earlier today, Soulja Boy seemed to fly off the handle and post the following.

Randy Orton has yet to respond, but I can only imagine that this Twitter feud is not over and will only intensify. If WWE had any sense, they would capitalize on this feud in the near future. This could be a great headliner for Summerslam a few months down the road. While Soulja Boy may have been hotter in 2007 than he is today, the guy has a huge social media following with 5.2M followers alone on Twitter. This could be a great opportunity for WWE to increase their social media presence by bringing Soulja Boy in for a match on a big stage like Summerslam. I can only imagine the folks at NBC, owners of the Peacock platform, would love to see this too.

For all we know, they have already been in talks. Maybe Soulja Boy’s recent comments indicate that talks to plan in something in the future have fallen through. All I know is that if WWE and Vince McMahon do not capitalize on this opportunity, they are missing out on big numbers.


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