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SoulCalibur VI Introduces Cassandra, Season 2 With Samurai Shodown Crossover Character

Written by Robert Workman

Even though a lot of fighting fans thought Bandai Namco was focused on other fighting games like Dragon Ball FighterZ and Tekken 7, it appears the soul still burns for SoulCalibur VI.

The publisher revealed its plans for the weapons-based brawler today during EVO 2019 in Las Vegas, with a new character set to round out this season’s pass tomorrow, and some big announcements for what’s to come for the second season – including another mind-blowing crossover that fighting fans are sure to get excited about.

First up is a returning favorite that will be available in the game starting tomorrow with the current season pass – Cassandra! Her debut trailer is below, and fans may recall that she’s a capable fighter that can deliver some devastating blows to her opponents, just like her sister Sophitia. She may look angelic, but we can assure you that she isn’t. The Athenian warring maiden, along with a new story mission and weapons, will be available in all versions of the game starting tomorrow, August 5.

That, however, is not all. A second season is on the way, and though it’s not dated just yet, it’s got an extraordinary debut character lined up. SoulCalibur VI is officially crossing over with SNK’s Samurai Shodown series, and Haohmaru, a signature star from the popular brand, will be making his journey to the series! Again, there’s no date, but here’s hoping that he’ll debut sometime later this year. That, along with more fighters and additional goodies, will make their way to the game soon enough. Pricing isn’t available just yet, but we should know more soon.

So there you have it. The soul continues to burn strong for this series. And what’s more, the game is on sale for around $20 (without the season pass) right now, so you can get your fight on for cheap!

SoulCalibur VI is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC!

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