Son Murdered by Father – RIP to former UCF RB, Otis Anderson Jr.

Written by Matt

What a cruel world we live in. A father walks into the kitchen and shoots in son in the chest. Otis Anderson Jr, was shot by his father Otis Anderson Sr on November 29th, 2021.

You named your kid after you for crying out loud. You are supposed to be his guardian. You are supposed to be his role model. You are supposed to be his super hero. You are supposed to be literally the last person on earth who would ever kill your son.

Not much else to say here – hope the PoS rots in jail.

Lot of people are mentioning regarding the situation, this is NOT former Giants RB Ottis Anderson. No relation.

Otis was briefly with the Los Angeles Rams during training camp

It only takes a few seconds of scrolling around to see how loved Otis was by his teammates and community. Overall awful story. – link to Otis’ Gofundme page to help his mother with expenses – she was injured with Bullet grazes during the incident.

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