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Someone Recorded Every Single Miami Dolphins Practice At The University Of Cincinnati And Is Posting Them On Twitter – @JFolkUHC

Written by TrevStone

Today the Miami Dolphins practiced at the University of Cincinnati and someone who was there recorded the entire practice from the best view possible. And that person has been posting the plays on Twitter.

The Dolphins play tomorrow on Thursday Night Football against the Bengals. I wonder what affects this will have. Because by tomorrow this news is going to be huge.

The person claims that he has the full playbook on his camera roll. And if that is the case I wonder if he tried DMing any Bengals players them. Or tried to sell the tape. Never know. If I was a Bengals player on the low-key I’d try and buy the tape, study it, show the team the next day? Cheating? Nah. Wasn’t me. It was someone else. Just kidding, obviously if he got caught he’d get in a bunch of trouble. I wonder if this person will. I mean how are you up there just recording the entire practice?

Teams are always told they’d have a secure place to practice if they practice near by and needless to say it wasn’t.

The Twitter user goes by @JFolkUHC!

Obviously he’s just recording it on his phone because he can’t hold it worth a damn.

Somewhere Bill Belichick is looking to hire this guy.

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