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Someone Please Shoot This Snake in Detroit….| Look At This Thing

Written by TrevStone

(click video above first) — Alright, holy shit. This isn’t even a snake. This fucking thing is the size of ten humans length wise and has a bigger width than OG Mudbone’s fake penis. I honestly wish that the cops would have pulled out a gun and shot this thing. Cops sometimes shoot people for no reason so why not shoot this big useless snake. This happened in a Detroit neighborhood. Could you imagine seeing this fucking thing?

“She’s about 18 feet long, 18-plus feet, so I can understand people worried about seeing a big snake sitting on top of a garage like that,” Devin Jones-White who owns the snake.

Jones-White said he took in Juliet about five years ago from an older couple who had raised her for her first three years. For food, she eats thawed-out rabbits, he said.

Yep. I’m sorry Devin…. I really, really, really hope you turn this thing over to the zoo. Find a different pet. This isn’t a pet. You can have a pet snake. Not this fucking thing though…. C’mon man.

Now let me remind you about a couple of stories…

In 2017, a 25-year-old Indonesian man who was missing was gruesomely discovered when villagers cut open a 23-foot-long reticulated python to find the man’s legs, Wang reported.

Last year, another Indonesian villager, a 54-year-old woman, was devoured by another 23-foot-long reticulated python so bloated that it could barely move, Selk wrote.

Now… I know what you’ll say well what if people don’t like dogs… Dogs have killed people. Are you fucking kidding me? There is a difference. This thing should be in a zoo. A dog? No.

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I’ve been talking about moving from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to near Detroit to be able to see more Detroit sports events…. but after this.. I don’t think I’ll be moving. Let me know when its dead. If you don’t think owning this is a problem…. I hope it makes its way to your house.

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