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Someone Leaked The Dolphins Practice… But HC Mike McDaniel Noticed And Put 12 Men On The Field On Each Play; What A Damn Genius

Written by TrevStone

Yesterday someone on Twitter posted a few clips from the Miami Dolphins practice in Cincinnati and everyone started freaking out about it; including myself. I thought this was a wild but awesome move.

Comes out today that Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel noticed this happening and instead of having 11 men on the field he had added an extra person making it 12 men.

I don’t know how myself or anyone watching the film didn’t notice. But talk about a damn genius. Was it him how noticed? Or was it someone else on the team? Either way what a smart move.

Did the run fake plays? Have fake routes? Or did just they add a ‘spy’ on the offense? Ha. Get it?

It’ll be hilarious if they end up accidentally having twelve men on the field during the game tonight.

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