SOL For The Detroit Lions Once Again| Taylor Decker Placed On Injured Reserve

Written by Robert McCarver

SOL (Sh!% Outta Luck) is a mantra of the Detroit Lions fan base as that’s the only thing they know. Fans know it’s going to be a really rough year as the new regime of GM Brad Holmes and Head Coach Dan Campbell have come in and are tasked to fix the mess of former GM Bob Quinn and Head Coach Matt Patricia made. They have done one heck of a job this offseason making tough decisions but now they know what being a Lions is all about.

The Lions focused on their offensive line to make it one of the best units on paper in the league and they did so when they drafted stud offensive lineman Penei Sewell in the first round. Sewell is an LT by trade but the plan was to slide him to RT since the team has a really good LT in Taylor Decker well now that plan could’ve been changed. Lions announced that LT Taylor Decker has gone on injured reserve following surgery on his finger meaning he’s out for about a month and now Sewell could be moving positions again in Decker’s absence.

Sewell struggled in the preseason at RT so moving back to LT could benefit him if that’s what the team decides to do but where does that leave Decker when he returns? Do you move Sewell back to RT or move Decker to RT? This is going to mess with Sewell’s development and that will cost us dearly in the long run. If Sewell performs you have to keep him there and move Decker to RT even though he’s never played it before. Sewell was considered a can’t miss Hall Of Fame talent by many and if he shows flashes of that during this time at LT you don’t jeopardize that one bit by moving him back to RT.

Big decisions coming up for Dan Campbell next month and it will be telling how he handles it. He wanted this job well now he gets to decide between the future or the here and now and it has to be the future of Sewell at LT.

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