Sofia With An F and Racist Muj New Episode About Doing Crack is Cringeworthy!!

Written by JohnnyB

Then whole episode is again the victim card, that Sofia played last week. How they both had it so hard at a company that was giving them everything and how evil Alex took even from them. Oh look at how racist Muj is, I thought Dave was.

Then they went on a rant about the great topic of depression. How depressed they are, what great entertainment by these two talented individuals. I don’t think I have ever heard a more scripted, let’s get everyone feeling bad for me thing in my life. Does anybody buy this shit? They are both so unbelievably fake. If they were so great especially Muj why didn’t anyone say anything about Muj’s value at barstool after leaving.

Oh also they talk about doing crack. How awesome are these two fucking morons. Haha whatever make your money for your drugs kids.

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