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So There’s a New Doom Movie Coming…Only It Somehow Looks Worse Than the First

Universal’s direct-to-video department hasn’t exactly won me over. The Dragonheartsequels didn’t even come close to generating the same magic as the original film (what it did possess, anyway); and don’t even get me started on American Pie’s disastrous entries, in which Eugene Levy was suddenly attracted to.

Now that same division is trying to give Doomanother go following the somewhat failed 2005 entry, which even Karl Urban and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson couldn’t save. In Doom: Annihilation, another team makes their way to Mars, this time taking on demons that look to turn things hellish in a hurry.

So, no, it doesn’t actually take place in hell. But judging by what the trailer presents above, it sure feels like it. In fact, it’s even sub-named “We Call it Hell.”

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The movie doesn’t have that many big names behind it, aside from Amy Manson of Atlantis fame (not the Disney animated film, sadly) and Nina Bergman from The Car: Road to Revenge. That’s…it. Urban isn’t back considering that, well, he has other things to do.

As you can see, the film, written and directed by Tony Giglio (S.W.A.T.: Under Siege), doesn’t really have the biggest budget going for it. It looks somewhat like the SyFy quality of film, right down to the weird creature effects and average set design. Not only that, but the script sounds like it’s cheesier than what Doomis actually supposed to be. Just wait for the “Die! Die! Die!” callout and you’ll see what we mean.

Who knows, this movie might just be bad in a good-bad sort of way, like Street Fighter was. (We mean the Van Damme one, not whatever The Legend of Chun-Li ended up being.) But it could also be so bad that Uwe Boll is happy to sit down and watch it. Yup.

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We’ll find out this fall, but, for now, the trailer isn’t exactly leaving a good taste in our mouths. Fortunately, at least we have Doom Eternal to turn to whenever it drops for consoles and PC. That’s the real Annihilation that we’re waiting for.

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