So Maybe The Nets Aren’t a Total Disaster?

Written by Noah Gagnon

Another day, another Nets apology blog. But, the more I think about it, the more this Celtics victory really makes me happy. And that’s saying a lot because I DESPISE this Boston team. Marcus Smart’s face gives me diarrhea and Grant Williams’ existence hurts my soul, but I’m finding a real bright side in their victory as it pertains to the Brooklyn Nets.

Did the Nets get swept? Oh yeah. But it hurts a lot less when you consider the fact that the team that swept us went on to becoming the eastern conference champs. And when you think about it, the Nets losses were a lot closer than a lot of Miami’s losses.

Lets break it down:

Game 1: Lost on Fluke Buzzer Beater

Game 2: Were up like 20 and collapsed

Game 3: Legit L, but Blake was sick

Game 4: Down 3-0 so quit

So, when you look at it that way, we basically had them right where we wanted ’em! Then if we get by Boston, we’d obviously wipe the floor with Milwaukee, and probably sweep Miami. Then you got all the momentum and you most likely roll Golden State en route to the title. So in a way, I guess you could call the Nets the runner-ups of the season.

I guess what I’m trying to say is Kevin please please please don’t leave there’s still hope don’t quit I still believe we all need you stay in Brooklyn than you bye.

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