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Snooki, Mick Foley, Method Man, & More Announced As 2020 WWE Slammy Award Presenters

Written by jwatry

This Wednesday morning, WWE will present the 2020 edition of the Slammy Awards!

In past years, this fun filled awards ceremony was shown on WWE Raw in late December. This year, not so much. This will air on the WWE Network and across all social media platforms. While I never put much stock into them, as the awards are either just a part of the show or forgotten about within a week anyways, I do tend to enjoy the shows. I still remember my favorite moment from the Slammy awards in 2009:

Shawn Michaels has just been given the award for Match Of The Year, his classic with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25. He was there, with his buddy Triple H, to accept. He started his speech very humble and quiet, noting that he was proud of the match and sent his congratulations to Taker. He held up the trophy and said thanks…

…but then stopped. HBK paused, turned around, and he said these famous words: “I can beat you. I know it…and you know it.”

Shawn Micahels instantly got a little gutsy and issued a challenge to The Undertaker for 2010’s WrestleMania 26. One more time. HBK vs. Taker.

Within five seconds, Mania was sold. We were going to get a rematch one way or another, and no more Mr. Nice Guy HBK either. He was serious and intense. Shawn was more determined than ever to defeat Taker and end the fabled WM Undefeated Streak of his. Heck, he just got SOOOOOO close to doing it and had won Match Of The Year. Why not try it? Such a great moment and kicked off the build to what would later become Streak VS Career at WrestleMania 26, Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker in the main event. Awesome stuff.

While I doubt we get any moments like that on Wednesday, at least we finally know a few of the names presenting awards. WWE announced the following:

– Shawn Michaels
– Ric Flair
– Snooki
– Method Man
– Mick Foley
– Derek Baker
– Ken Jeong
– Clark Duke
– Demi Burnett
– Raini/Rico Rodriguez

Quite the variety there. I can’t say I know many of the Hollywood crossover names there. However, Snooki is currently unbeaten at WrestleMania with an astounding 1-0 record. Plus, Demi was recently on WWE TV during the summer hanging out with Angel Garza. We shall see what the company has planned this Wednesday. The Slammy Awards start at 9:30 am central time on the WWE Network, with host R-Truth!


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