We’ve all heard the stories of how flying the friendly skies has been anything but friendly, but a recent incident shows that passengers are only going to put up with so much nonsense before stepping up. Apparently a plane full of travelers were in the mild blue yonder, minding their own business when it became the wild blue yonder, with a man allegedly trying to force his way into the cockpit. The passengers weren’t having it as they helped flight attendant Christopher Williams subdue an alleged hijacker. The Daily Mail is reporting:

The unidentified man flew into a rage on Friday’s flight from Los Angeles to Nashville when flight attendant Christopher Williams and passengers restrained him with zip ties. 

Cellphone footage posted to Twitter shows Williams wrestling with the man, who is hidden behind a row of seats and out of view of the camera. Another video shows Williams successfully putting his hands behind his back and into zip-ties

According to Los Angeles CBS affiliate KCAL:

“He kept banging on the flight door,” the flight attendant who subdued the man said in the video posted to social media. “That’s a no-no. The second he banged on the door, it was a wrap.”


KOAT Action News followed up on what happened after the passenger was detained:

The flight landed in Albuquerque around 2:20 p.m. Friday and the passenger was arrested by airport police.

Delta Airlines released a statement saying, “The passenger was not successful. The plane landed safely and the passenger was removed by police and the FBI. He is in custody now.”

Congratulations to Christopher Williams and the other heroes who took down this individual before things got out of hand. No word if the airline served complimentary peanuts to the passengers who helped subdue the disgruntled traveler.


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