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Skip Bayless is Getting Ratioed for Postponement Tweet after Damar Hamlin Collapsed on Field

It’s literally been two days into the year of 2023, and it’s already off to a horrible start with the scary injury/collapse to Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin live on Monday Night Football against the Cincinnati Bengals.

After several minutes of waiting and Hamlin being administered CPR and AED along with being transferred to a local hospital (where he is currently in critical condition) the NFL announced the Bills-Bengals game would be postponed.

However, one familiar and controversial sports pundit wasn’t particularly thrilled with the postponement as Skip Bayless is right now getting dragged for his latest tweet. That post can be seen below.

And everyone—literally everyone—was giving the backlash that Bayless needed for that tweet.

We would think by now that we would expect a groveling apology from Skip tomorrow on ‘Undisputed.’ Right now, all of us should hope that Shannon Sharpe lays into him for that tweet first thing.

Poor Damar Hamlin did not deserve what happened on the field tonight, and he for sure doesn’t deserve to be disrespected by Skip running his mouth.

We just hope for right now that Hamlin can make a full recovery from the injury and collapse.

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