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Sixers Fan Ejected for Yelling ‘Boy’ Repeatedly at Carmelo Anthony (Video)

Here’s something that was mentioned around the NBA world last night.

Via multiple tweets on Twitter, Los Angeles Lakers forward Carmelo Anthony was caught on video yelling at a heckler as play was continuing against the Philadelphia 76ers.

Apparently, the reason why Carmelo went after was him was because the fan kept calling him ‘boy’ via Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports. The heckler was later ejected for his actions.

It’s not the first time that one of the Lakers players had problems with fans out on their road games. Their superstar player in LeBron James had a similar situation to this as he had two fans kicked out of their seats after they were cussing him out from the stands.

It may have been soft the way that Carmelo went after those fans last night in Philly, but it also could have been justified for the players to have the fan kicked out. You be the judge here.

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