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Sit Down, Broncos Fans! You’re Not Making the Super Bowl.

Written by Tyler Hazelwood

I’m a Russell Wilson fan as much as the next guy, but we have to look at the facts. Sooner or later, Denver fans will have to come down from the emotional high and smell the roses.

Wilson is an excellent regular season quarterback, much like Aaron Rodgers. While he now has a talented offense, the odds are stacked against the newly-acquired star quarterback. In the past seven years, Jimmy Garoppolo and Matt Stafford both have more playoff wins than Russell Wilson.

If the Broncos want to have a chance at even making the playoffs, the offensive line is something that must be addressed. No quarterback can stand in the pocket (or scramble) and have success behind Denver’s current offensive line. But wait…They traded most of their good picks. Denver finds themselves in a tough situation and with little capital to solve it.

You say: “Well, defense wins championships anyway”. This is true! However, Denver’s defense ranked in the bottom 10 of the league last year. Denver fans, you may have found your quarterback, but the rest of the team still needs a miracle.

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