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Sir Yacht Puts Stephen A. Smith In A Body Bag, I Have Never Liked Him More!!!!!

Written by JohnnyB

First things first I had to rewrite this and post it because you’re an asshole and spell your name with a ph, and not a v like a normal fucking person. I have been screaming about Stephen A. Smith’s shitty takes on subjects he knows nothing about. I mean in all honesty he knows nothing about any sport except for maybe a little NBA. I just wrote a blog 2 weeks ago about how Max Kellerman and Smith were the worst talking heads in the business, don’t worry Skip you are right there as well. Also everything Sir Yacht has said has been correct, I take him as a credible source then Clown Steven. People Forget he brought make mid west football, Stephen A Smith has done nothing for the world like that.

The best point he made, was the laying off of all the talent at ESPN to make room for incredibly sub par talent like Smith. Kanel leaving, Russillo not resigning those are the two for me. ESPN in no longer the mothership of sports content. Yeah we have to watch our college football games there and SVP is the only one there worth a damn. Other companies are coming after ESPN when it comes to outside of the line. Barstool Sports, The Athletic, Bleacher Report, while Barstool is far in away the best at reaching the 18-45 demographic. If they continue to have terrible programming with hacks like Smith, Barstool will pass them and Pro Sports Extra will be on their heels. 

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