Simone Biles, Texans’ Jonathan Owens Got Engaged On Valentine’s Day

Written by Jonathan Garner

Debatably one of the greatest U.S.A. gymnast of our lifetime, Simone Biles, has finally got engaged. She has constantly been putting on a performance for all of us to enjoy, but this time she was able to get performed on. Jonathan Owens, who is a DB for the Houston Texans, had the help of his friends to give Biles a moment of a lifetime. They have been dating for 18 months prior to this, Biles is 25 and Owens in 26.

It is easy to say that the two of them have accomplished quite a bit in their own lives, now they can combine the two. Simone Biles has a total of 32 combined Olympic and World Championship medals. Which ties her for the most in the sports history (and she’s only 25). Where as Jonathan Owens just completed his third season with the Texans, he played in seven games and started in two. He ended the season with 18 tackles and an interception. I would say that is a pretty good season for someone that went undrafted out of college, and has been cut 4 straight times before this season started. Anyways, congrats on the marriage and I hope they last.

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