I admit it. I don’t watch any of the Olympics. I don’t watch any of the Summer Games or U.S. Gymnastics Championships that may have gone down last week. The last time I paid attention to anything even closely related was Michael Phelps back in 2008. By the way, a great Peacock Network original documentary looking back on that epic summer for him. Again, I am the LAST person in the world to care about that stuff, so if I am telling you to check it out, that means a lot.

If there is one thing worth checking out though, it is Simone Biles. I told my girlfriend the other day as I was watching clips on television that she was amazing. Just ridiculous with the flips, technique, routine, etc. I don’t know how athletes can do that kind of thing. I watch in awe sometimes that human bodies can even do that, as my knees crack from just getting off the couch to grab another beer from the refrigerator. It’s incredible.

Of anything Olympics related or gymnastics or swimming or figure skating or any of those competitions, she is the only name I know: Simone Biles. If you don’t know her by now, you’re missing out. Spend five minutes watching her stuff on Youtube. Follow her on social media. Try to tune in whenever her competitions are on television, although they may be over with by now. At age 24, I hope she doesn’t retire just yet, even though I am sure the endorsements and huge following would be more than enough to be financially set for life.

In doing so, I believe she is not just a role model for bums like myself that watch in awe but also little girls all over the globe that absolutely look up to her. If she can do it, so can they. I have mentioned before that I have three sisters. I have two god daughters. I have many young female cousins. Put your mind to something and achieve it. I just had a co-worker ask me to write a letter of recommendation for her as she attempts to be accepted into colleges in Wisconsin and apply for scholarships. She has a bright future and any way I can help is my pleasure.

With Simone though, it isn’t that she is just an incredible athlete, she also promotes body/life positive messages. Following the book of John Cena, she posts nothing but nice and uplifting messages on social media. Some to think about, others to see. With the new social media trend on Instagram about 2021 summer time fashion, her latest post was about her hot pink “summer attire.” Even her boyfriend Houston Texans player Jonathan Owens commented “Summa time fine.”

I agree.

So nice I gotta post it twice…


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