In the second quarter during a highly-contested game between the Detroit Lions and the New Orleans Saints, a freak injury happened on the sideline as a play was just ending.

In the video clips/visuals below, a sideline/chain gang official got caught up in a collision as Saints running back Alvin Kamara was trying to run out of bounds for a first down.

As you can tell in the posts above, the injury did not look good at all. The official’s leg appeared to have bent backwards in one of the replays from that play.

Hopefully it is not a serious injury, but it sure doesn’t look good in the slightest. Prayers up for that official down in New Orleans.


Via New Orleans reporter Jeff Duncan, the official that was injured has been identified as Nick Piazza.

Duncan has stated in his post below that Piazza suffered a dislocated knee and is recovering at a nearby hospital. He is NOT expected to have surgery on his leg.

**Headline/Visual Photo Courtesy: RGF/X**


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